Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mashed potatoes is what Stephanie gets for being a complete moron. Let see the entire tribe wants to go one way but lets throw in for the 30th time I am ready to go home. Well Keith is really in the running this year. By week 5 he usually has 3 or 4 people at home watching the show with him.

Show Stuff:

Yes that is fried Chicken in the picture, I do not remeber if that is what she wanted with her mashed but dammit they took my racist stuff away so I am using it whenever I can. Next Chinese person i am putting sushi up there, next latin a pinata and next white a dollar bill(yes they are the man and they are holding us all down with there money).

Did anyone else start singing the theme song to Jungle Fever when Adam and Nathan were hugging and kissing each other during the reward challenge. The KKK has started to burn crosses at Adam's house and the NAACP just asked Nathan for his black card back.

Flica what the f. When you weigh 110 soaking wet can you real talk smack in a strength compateition. Can I please trade her to any other team. The F'ng girl does not want to win, she is just trying out for the next host of Rockstar Supernova.

What is with all the women letting food go? Week 1 flica lets the chicken's free and this week Christina uses the octopus for chum. Memo to the ladies you need food to survive.

The Visit- Have to love Cow boy that guy was really crushing ever stereo type talking about dragons, and large turtles. I can not wait until he wins and opens a whole chain of laundremats, nail salons, chinese food fast food and sushi joints. He will call it Cow boys red spots.

Stephanie and JP down 2 weeks in a row and Amy hanging on for dear life.