Monday, November 27, 2006

What the hell just happened. Jonathan gets off the block and has a chance to change the show. He can vote Yul to eviction and get Nate home anyway. Now Ozzie and Yul will win all the challenges and they will be in the final 2.

The key to winning is to get the immunity out there and get it out of the game. Yul is to loyal he will take the his chinese girl to the finals. Why the f would he take Jonathan.

Everyone would understand if you told yul you were going to vote there way and not so you can get the idol out and save your own ass. Would have been 4-4 with next challenge being huge. Once we get to 5 left you are first to go. F jonathan he is the worst survivor player in history.

Merge- No shock there the merge was coming either this week of next week. Hey Adam can we say light weight. Give the guy 2 beers and he is barfing over the side of the boat. Not that it mattered the guy has Pavarti and Candice looking at him like he is a NY rib eye every time they have a chance. Memo to girls he is a copier repair man when you get back to the states, no matter what he does on the show he is a copier repair man making $10,000 a year changing toner when called upon.

OZZIE- This guy is one great Latin. The guy will have his own day like Menudo, Ricky Martin and Sammy Sosa. I can not wait for the Puerto Rican flagged cars to have OZZIE soaped on there cars celebrating him making it all the way. The whites will think they are mocking the great ozzie osbourne and it will be like American History X on the streets of new york. God I hope I do not have to bite a curb when I try to buy a fake pocket book for Jeannie this x-mas.

CANDICE AND ADAM- Are they the new Joannie and Chachi or Rob and Amber. I am going the new Britney and K-Fed. They will have there white trash wedding sponsered by Xerox filmed on MTV. Candice will get knocked up and be filmed on Candice will find out Adam flirts with all the office chicks while she is taking care of Bucky and Kellie (yes they named them after the white trash from American Idol) dump his ass and go hang with Paris Hilton.

We will see how it plays out but Adam better forget about the ladies and win a challenge so they can get Ozzie home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Well it has been a while since I did the update but a lot has changed but how much does it stay the same.

Amy with the best player and even with only one player left she is a solid contender. Of course I have the most players left going into a possible Merge. All say it with me WHITE POWER. Can we shave our heads if a White player wins? Keith does have Yul but the last few weeks have been the A-bomb was dropped on survior(sorry that was wrong). Goody luck starting to rear it's ugly head. Nate wants to be the leader out there but every time he mentions he wants some one out (jonathon) something new happens and they vote out a "family" member. Poor guy.

Some Occurances:

Double vote out- (hence the it takes two reference)- Nice job by Survivor make them vote right then and there. Jenny the vicitim and the White Race rules again.

MUTINY- I can honestly say I am rooting for my money, no doubt, but I do have a heart and I am secretly rooting for no merge and the 4 team tribe to keep kicking Jonathan and Candice's ass and send poor little Candice to excile island. You know you are struggling when you start to look at Sea Cucumbers as a great food source. That looked awful.

LOVE- Candice and Adam are going to make me puke. I mean dude get a little self respect. Kissing her hands was like Keith shaking that bum at the Yankee games hands. He needed Purell worse then Candice needs a razor. The bum at the Yankee game was the only black guy I know that the inside of his hands were darker then the outside. How anyone can fall in love or can think of sex/making out etc on that island I have no Idea.

TEAMS- Sundra we get it you love your tribe your working hard, enough with the tears every 5 minutes when you win.

Fun- Yul looked like a piece of fish trying to get away from 2 killer whales during his dance. The one fell on him and I thought the tribe was going to have a new member. Holy S Ozzie's face was priceless when they were dancing with yul.

Well we will see what comes next but I am guessing with both tribes at 4, they will merge and Ozzie and Yul will be in the finals. Ozzie now knows Yul has the immunity and no other people will win enough challenges to beat them out. Jonathon will win challenge by sheer luck and Yul will save Ozzie. Ozzie will win out get to finals and win it all.

Keith will of course make it to the finals and Goody will be cursuing under his breath as Sundra cries so much on the last challenge, she gets the log wet she has to stand on and slips off. The Medics come in and we have our first death in survivor history. Goody luck out in full force.

Now we can all get back to watching The Office, I just gave us the entire season. Amy my check is in the mail.
Current Teams:

AMY-(Latin Lovers)
JP week 4 loser
Cecilla Week 3 Loser
Christina- Out Loser
Billy--Week 2 loser

Keith- (techno Geeks)
Jenny- Out- loser
Cao Boi Out-Loser
Brad- Out- Loser

Steve (Supreme race)
Jessica Out- Loser

Matt(canadian army)

Sekou Week 1 loser
Stephannie week 5 loser
Rebecca- Out Loser