Monday, December 18, 2006

Well the survivor Finale was on and of Course Ozzie won every challenge and completely dominated things until the very end when the votes were cast. How anyone can say is not the best, I repeat the best Survivor player ever I have no idea.

All his Latin Lovers were voted out as early as anyone else and he was the lone member. All he did was provide everything for his tribe, win every challenge for his tribe and then win every individual immunity challenge. The guy is an absolute stud (and a damn good survivor player too). How anyone on jury and show did not realize, yes Yul was vocal person and person all went to see how votes would go, but because Ozzie was so good at winning his tribe never had to go to the tribal council and he was never able to be voted on.

Any else notice how dumb and scared all were of that hidden immunity idol. Hey assholes make YUL USE IT. That vote that Adam was sent home, everyone vote for yul and Yul vote for Adam. Yul has to use the idol and all is even. Why the Fuck (yes I am angry they all just let Yul walk into the finals) would you let him be in the final 3 and the chance he can get idol and then give immunity to whoever he wants to control 2 of the 3 in the finals.

FIRE CHALLENGE- One of the greatest tie breaker moments in history of Survivor. The reactions of all my white power people almost sleeping, hanging on each other totally getting bored. Rebecca was sweating like a Chinese person at a sweatshop (you did not think this would not be racial did you). When Jeff said alright you have been at this for an hour and half her are matches. You know he wanted to say "Are you kidding me take these f'ng matches light the f'ng brush to light the wood and get those damn things cut. When Sundra ran out of matches I could here Goody from West Babylon yelling every curse and racial slur in the book. He thought of every person he had to chase out of Sam goody with that New Nelly Joint that dropped in 2005. Shit is tight yo, sorry got back to my days selling replays and cd's to all my brothers. If they both ran out of matches Jeff was going to give them Tyler's child proof sissors to end the thing. Sundra would have dropped them and they would have broke in half, and Becca would not have seen them as the rope would have got in her line of site (think slanty eyes Keith, that is the joke). Jeff would have voted himself in the final 3 and Sundra and Becca would have been hung off the pirate mast for boring the hell out of everyone.

Well it was a great B-day for Keith he goes head to head with his wife and comes out the winner. I knew there was a reason he wanted Goody in, he needed someone less lucky then him to take all the bad luck and get a win. He wins $20 from each of us in which Amy and I can pay next season as Keith never paid on time as he had to get his haircut every Saturday instead of paying us.

What Yul will do with money:

1-two words (rice farm)
2-build A-bomb and get us all back for his homeland
3-Open YUL's Cleaner/nail salon/accounting firm/Laundry mat all in one.

PS- Is everyone else board to death of the 2 hour finale. The jury thing is the same every season. One person says something a little shocking, they are all jealous they are not the one in the final 3 so they try to be crazy. The questions are the same. Tell me why you should win, tell me why they should not win. Enough already. I must say this was one of my least liked season, and now with Keith winning I must say I did not like the season but at least Keith won and he can now say hey at least I won 1 out of 10 seasons.