Monday, December 17, 2007

Congratulations to Keith for winning $20 from each of us as the Gay Flight Attendent pulls all the strings and keeps his alliance until the end.
I hope next season everyone realizes the winner is always the one that controls the game and lies the most. Leader of the strongest alliance wins.

Congrats Keith, sorry for the lack of posts but I just did not watch every show this season. I love the survivor pool but I am not in love with survivor show as much.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Dave (voted out week 4)
Courtney (voted out week 13)
Jean-Robert (voted out week 8)
Leslie (voted out week 3)


Amanda (voted out week 13)
Jaime (voted out week 7)

Aaron (voted out week 5)
Phei-gee voted out week 12)


Sherea (Voted out week 6)
Denise (voted out week 13)
Frosti (voted out week 9)

Chicken (Voted out Week 1)


Erick (voted out week 11)
Ashley (voted out week 2)
James (votes out week 10)


Goody has an okay shot with Courtney, I think she will ruffle some feathers and end up getting picked off.

Amy- Phi-gee has to win out which will not happen. She pushes to hard to try and make new alliances, her shot was last night by trying to get Denise to change alliances.
Amanda is my favorite to win (and no it is not because they blur out her butt on the Daisy Dukes every week). Her and Todd have been the ring leaders from the start and I think there are a strong alliance.

Steven- Denise killed me last week when she did not jump ship. She is # 4 in a 4 team alliance, she needs to, at some point break the game up by switching teams.

Keith- Keith was looking great with James and 2 immunity idols. He really dug his own gra....oh god did I just use that joke. Todd is my other favorite, now that Denise did not jump ship.

So my predictions are as follows:

Phi-gee out next week, she will not continue to win and alliance can not double cross at this point or they will lose jury votes. Even if Denise joins Phi-gee it will not matter as the vote will be 3-2.

Courtney week after that. Amanda and Todd will realize the last challange is usually a stand on a bonsi tree type thing and Courtney would kill both of them in a stand on a pole all day type challenge. Denise will fall off the minute she steps on.

Denise will be voted out as Amanda and Todd, know they will lose to her in a vote.

Final 2 will be Amanda and Todd.

Amanda will win as she will admit she co-ordinated the James thing, which will sway the votes as that was turning point of game for her and Todd to make it to the final 2.