Monday, December 18, 2006

Well the survivor Finale was on and of Course Ozzie won every challenge and completely dominated things until the very end when the votes were cast. How anyone can say is not the best, I repeat the best Survivor player ever I have no idea.

All his Latin Lovers were voted out as early as anyone else and he was the lone member. All he did was provide everything for his tribe, win every challenge for his tribe and then win every individual immunity challenge. The guy is an absolute stud (and a damn good survivor player too). How anyone on jury and show did not realize, yes Yul was vocal person and person all went to see how votes would go, but because Ozzie was so good at winning his tribe never had to go to the tribal council and he was never able to be voted on.

Any else notice how dumb and scared all were of that hidden immunity idol. Hey assholes make YUL USE IT. That vote that Adam was sent home, everyone vote for yul and Yul vote for Adam. Yul has to use the idol and all is even. Why the Fuck (yes I am angry they all just let Yul walk into the finals) would you let him be in the final 3 and the chance he can get idol and then give immunity to whoever he wants to control 2 of the 3 in the finals.

FIRE CHALLENGE- One of the greatest tie breaker moments in history of Survivor. The reactions of all my white power people almost sleeping, hanging on each other totally getting bored. Rebecca was sweating like a Chinese person at a sweatshop (you did not think this would not be racial did you). When Jeff said alright you have been at this for an hour and half her are matches. You know he wanted to say "Are you kidding me take these f'ng matches light the f'ng brush to light the wood and get those damn things cut. When Sundra ran out of matches I could here Goody from West Babylon yelling every curse and racial slur in the book. He thought of every person he had to chase out of Sam goody with that New Nelly Joint that dropped in 2005. Shit is tight yo, sorry got back to my days selling replays and cd's to all my brothers. If they both ran out of matches Jeff was going to give them Tyler's child proof sissors to end the thing. Sundra would have dropped them and they would have broke in half, and Becca would not have seen them as the rope would have got in her line of site (think slanty eyes Keith, that is the joke). Jeff would have voted himself in the final 3 and Sundra and Becca would have been hung off the pirate mast for boring the hell out of everyone.

Well it was a great B-day for Keith he goes head to head with his wife and comes out the winner. I knew there was a reason he wanted Goody in, he needed someone less lucky then him to take all the bad luck and get a win. He wins $20 from each of us in which Amy and I can pay next season as Keith never paid on time as he had to get his haircut every Saturday instead of paying us.

What Yul will do with money:

1-two words (rice farm)
2-build A-bomb and get us all back for his homeland
3-Open YUL's Cleaner/nail salon/accounting firm/Laundry mat all in one.

PS- Is everyone else board to death of the 2 hour finale. The jury thing is the same every season. One person says something a little shocking, they are all jealous they are not the one in the final 3 so they try to be crazy. The questions are the same. Tell me why you should win, tell me why they should not win. Enough already. I must say this was one of my least liked season, and now with Keith winning I must say I did not like the season but at least Keith won and he can now say hey at least I won 1 out of 10 seasons.

Monday, November 27, 2006

What the hell just happened. Jonathan gets off the block and has a chance to change the show. He can vote Yul to eviction and get Nate home anyway. Now Ozzie and Yul will win all the challenges and they will be in the final 2.

The key to winning is to get the immunity out there and get it out of the game. Yul is to loyal he will take the his chinese girl to the finals. Why the f would he take Jonathan.

Everyone would understand if you told yul you were going to vote there way and not so you can get the idol out and save your own ass. Would have been 4-4 with next challenge being huge. Once we get to 5 left you are first to go. F jonathan he is the worst survivor player in history.

Merge- No shock there the merge was coming either this week of next week. Hey Adam can we say light weight. Give the guy 2 beers and he is barfing over the side of the boat. Not that it mattered the guy has Pavarti and Candice looking at him like he is a NY rib eye every time they have a chance. Memo to girls he is a copier repair man when you get back to the states, no matter what he does on the show he is a copier repair man making $10,000 a year changing toner when called upon.

OZZIE- This guy is one great Latin. The guy will have his own day like Menudo, Ricky Martin and Sammy Sosa. I can not wait for the Puerto Rican flagged cars to have OZZIE soaped on there cars celebrating him making it all the way. The whites will think they are mocking the great ozzie osbourne and it will be like American History X on the streets of new york. God I hope I do not have to bite a curb when I try to buy a fake pocket book for Jeannie this x-mas.

CANDICE AND ADAM- Are they the new Joannie and Chachi or Rob and Amber. I am going the new Britney and K-Fed. They will have there white trash wedding sponsered by Xerox filmed on MTV. Candice will get knocked up and be filmed on Candice will find out Adam flirts with all the office chicks while she is taking care of Bucky and Kellie (yes they named them after the white trash from American Idol) dump his ass and go hang with Paris Hilton.

We will see how it plays out but Adam better forget about the ladies and win a challenge so they can get Ozzie home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Well it has been a while since I did the update but a lot has changed but how much does it stay the same.

Amy with the best player and even with only one player left she is a solid contender. Of course I have the most players left going into a possible Merge. All say it with me WHITE POWER. Can we shave our heads if a White player wins? Keith does have Yul but the last few weeks have been the A-bomb was dropped on survior(sorry that was wrong). Goody luck starting to rear it's ugly head. Nate wants to be the leader out there but every time he mentions he wants some one out (jonathon) something new happens and they vote out a "family" member. Poor guy.

Some Occurances:

Double vote out- (hence the it takes two reference)- Nice job by Survivor make them vote right then and there. Jenny the vicitim and the White Race rules again.

MUTINY- I can honestly say I am rooting for my money, no doubt, but I do have a heart and I am secretly rooting for no merge and the 4 team tribe to keep kicking Jonathan and Candice's ass and send poor little Candice to excile island. You know you are struggling when you start to look at Sea Cucumbers as a great food source. That looked awful.

LOVE- Candice and Adam are going to make me puke. I mean dude get a little self respect. Kissing her hands was like Keith shaking that bum at the Yankee games hands. He needed Purell worse then Candice needs a razor. The bum at the Yankee game was the only black guy I know that the inside of his hands were darker then the outside. How anyone can fall in love or can think of sex/making out etc on that island I have no Idea.

TEAMS- Sundra we get it you love your tribe your working hard, enough with the tears every 5 minutes when you win.

Fun- Yul looked like a piece of fish trying to get away from 2 killer whales during his dance. The one fell on him and I thought the tribe was going to have a new member. Holy S Ozzie's face was priceless when they were dancing with yul.

Well we will see what comes next but I am guessing with both tribes at 4, they will merge and Ozzie and Yul will be in the finals. Ozzie now knows Yul has the immunity and no other people will win enough challenges to beat them out. Jonathon will win challenge by sheer luck and Yul will save Ozzie. Ozzie will win out get to finals and win it all.

Keith will of course make it to the finals and Goody will be cursuing under his breath as Sundra cries so much on the last challenge, she gets the log wet she has to stand on and slips off. The Medics come in and we have our first death in survivor history. Goody luck out in full force.

Now we can all get back to watching The Office, I just gave us the entire season. Amy my check is in the mail.
Current Teams:

AMY-(Latin Lovers)
JP week 4 loser
Cecilla Week 3 Loser
Christina- Out Loser
Billy--Week 2 loser

Keith- (techno Geeks)
Jenny- Out- loser
Cao Boi Out-Loser
Brad- Out- Loser

Steve (Supreme race)
Jessica Out- Loser

Matt(canadian army)

Sekou Week 1 loser
Stephannie week 5 loser
Rebecca- Out Loser

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mashed potatoes is what Stephanie gets for being a complete moron. Let see the entire tribe wants to go one way but lets throw in for the 30th time I am ready to go home. Well Keith is really in the running this year. By week 5 he usually has 3 or 4 people at home watching the show with him.

Show Stuff:

Yes that is fried Chicken in the picture, I do not remeber if that is what she wanted with her mashed but dammit they took my racist stuff away so I am using it whenever I can. Next Chinese person i am putting sushi up there, next latin a pinata and next white a dollar bill(yes they are the man and they are holding us all down with there money).

Did anyone else start singing the theme song to Jungle Fever when Adam and Nathan were hugging and kissing each other during the reward challenge. The KKK has started to burn crosses at Adam's house and the NAACP just asked Nathan for his black card back.

Flica what the f. When you weigh 110 soaking wet can you real talk smack in a strength compateition. Can I please trade her to any other team. The F'ng girl does not want to win, she is just trying out for the next host of Rockstar Supernova.

What is with all the women letting food go? Week 1 flica lets the chicken's free and this week Christina uses the octopus for chum. Memo to the ladies you need food to survive.

The Visit- Have to love Cow boy that guy was really crushing ever stereo type talking about dragons, and large turtles. I can not wait until he wins and opens a whole chain of laundremats, nail salons, chinese food fast food and sushi joints. He will call it Cow boys red spots.

Stephanie and JP down 2 weeks in a row and Amy hanging on for dear life.

Friday, September 29, 2006


They play this entire season up, race wars this and race wars that. Sponsors are dropping off the show, the buzz is coming back to Survivor and what do they do. After just 2 weeks they decide to end the race wars and it is back to the same old survivor.

I will give it to Mark Burnett and the creators, they really knew how to get the media in a frenzy, but not fully commit to the new premise of the show. They are now 2 fully diverse tribes with some Canadians, some whites, some Chinese, and some latins. I really contemplated pulling out of this pool and starting a survivor boycott. Then I realized we are back to normal and it is time for Keith to start losing again.

Show Highlights/Lowlights:

Can they draw out the separation ceremony enough. Holy shit, they take all there buffs off, pick a square out, that gets us 4 captains. Then they draft 4 separate teams. No that is not enough. They then crush eggs and look like cavemen that got a little to close to a T-rex in heat. Talk about a money shot. We get it this is a turning point in the game , blah blah blah....

Is it getting that bad that they have to do repeat challenges from other seasons, every one knew the girls would drop out first. The the big tough guys would get tired and one team would finally catch the other. The chinese did show there first weakness though. Yul grabs Cowboy and tells him let's fight it out, Hey Yul you couldn't choose someone else. That is like grabbing Pedro Martinez to be your ace and then asking him to get you to a World Series (sorry Met fans had to go there).

Tribal Counsel:

And the Jessica Simpson award goes to: Flica (Jessica). I can not believe I am relying on her to get me money. I could hear the chickens she let loose, running around in her head. Jonathan spoke with her about who to vote for and she just staired into space "I just don't get it." Jonathon was great when he said to Yul I spoke with her, told her how I feel I guess we will see if it worked. He did not even know what happened with the conversation.

Nice twist with vote first then you can save the person. Think Yul is regretting telling Becky he will save her if she is in danger? Now he would look like he was lying if she gets most votes and he does not use the idol for her. Was this the plan with the idol all along or did the producers do this once Yul told someone he had the idol? Conspiracy theory thrown out there, now discuss.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Please see the links section.

My Uncle Bobby who can take credit (if he wants to) for getting me into this whole blog thing, has a site that is a be all end all of blogs ranging from movie reviews (great source to get an idea for that movie on the weekend), sports team reviews (Mets postseason posts to come, Giant weekly recap and Rangers recaps coming soon). There are some family blogs updating us on what has been going on in our family but for people that do not know him there is still plenty of posts for stuff not related to my family. I would say it is 75% movie's/sports/TV reviews 25% family stuff.

If interested go to Gallagher Gazzette on Links page. It is a great site. Just remeber it is a family site (unlike this one) so keep the comments clean or they will be taken off.

Wow what an eye opening Tribal council. Billy just shocks the world, and Jeff the look he gave was priceless.

I had to keep rewinding to that cringe humor moment when Candice said "we love you" and Billy just looked over like a puppy dog just brought home by Jennifer Anniston and he said "I love you too."

It reminded me of my paperroute days when I had the hot girl in school on my route. Collection day she said I love Newsday, I said I love you too. She laughed uncontrollably said not you, newsday and went back in the house. Talk about a night where I needed a full jar of peanut butter (comfort food Keith, comfort food not what your sick mind is thinking.

Tribe happenings.

Latin lovers:

Decide to the throw a mission to get rid of Billy. As a Monday AM quaterback I must agree with the move, he would have won zero physical challenges and now they do not have to sit anyone for all the challenges.


I thought they were Chinese not Indian. By the fifth week they will all look like that own a 7-11 but they will not have headaches. I guess stereotypes are there for a reason. THEY ARE TRUE. Chinese=smart at brainteasers. That guy was making A's out of the mast casting a shadow on the island that did not show as he walked east while tapping his head and rubbing his belly and then surprise he found the idol.
Keith you are looking good this year my friend.


How great will it be when they see they were so excited to come in 3rd knowing the Latins were doing the obstacle course like Corky learning to drive (let's just say the 5 hour course took him 24 hours). Then they make the great move of sending a Chinese person to get the idol. Great job Canadians!!!!!

White People:

F'ng pretty boy stirring the pot. Lets see let's sleep on the sand all night and when it rains get drenched or take a couple hours to make a raised floor to stay dry? I guess hooking up with the ladies makes him lose brain cells. He is now my least favorite player this season.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Here we go I have set up a weekly update blog for updates and standings on Survivor Race wars.

Current Teams:

AMY-Aitu (Latin Lovers)
JP week 4 loser
Cecilla Week 3 Loser

Billy--Week 2 loser

Keith- Puka(techno Geeks)
Cao Boi

Steve Raro (Supreme race)

Matt Hiki (canadian army)
Sekou Week 1 loser
Stephannie week 5 loser