Friday, September 29, 2006


They play this entire season up, race wars this and race wars that. Sponsors are dropping off the show, the buzz is coming back to Survivor and what do they do. After just 2 weeks they decide to end the race wars and it is back to the same old survivor.

I will give it to Mark Burnett and the creators, they really knew how to get the media in a frenzy, but not fully commit to the new premise of the show. They are now 2 fully diverse tribes with some Canadians, some whites, some Chinese, and some latins. I really contemplated pulling out of this pool and starting a survivor boycott. Then I realized we are back to normal and it is time for Keith to start losing again.

Show Highlights/Lowlights:

Can they draw out the separation ceremony enough. Holy shit, they take all there buffs off, pick a square out, that gets us 4 captains. Then they draft 4 separate teams. No that is not enough. They then crush eggs and look like cavemen that got a little to close to a T-rex in heat. Talk about a money shot. We get it this is a turning point in the game , blah blah blah....

Is it getting that bad that they have to do repeat challenges from other seasons, every one knew the girls would drop out first. The the big tough guys would get tired and one team would finally catch the other. The chinese did show there first weakness though. Yul grabs Cowboy and tells him let's fight it out, Hey Yul you couldn't choose someone else. That is like grabbing Pedro Martinez to be your ace and then asking him to get you to a World Series (sorry Met fans had to go there).

Tribal Counsel:

And the Jessica Simpson award goes to: Flica (Jessica). I can not believe I am relying on her to get me money. I could hear the chickens she let loose, running around in her head. Jonathan spoke with her about who to vote for and she just staired into space "I just don't get it." Jonathon was great when he said to Yul I spoke with her, told her how I feel I guess we will see if it worked. He did not even know what happened with the conversation.

Nice twist with vote first then you can save the person. Think Yul is regretting telling Becky he will save her if she is in danger? Now he would look like he was lying if she gets most votes and he does not use the idol for her. Was this the plan with the idol all along or did the producers do this once Yul told someone he had the idol? Conspiracy theory thrown out there, now discuss.

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