Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Please see the links section.

My Uncle Bobby who can take credit (if he wants to) for getting me into this whole blog thing, has a site that is a be all end all of blogs ranging from movie reviews (great source to get an idea for that movie on the weekend), sports team reviews (Mets postseason posts to come, Giant weekly recap and Rangers recaps coming soon). There are some family blogs updating us on what has been going on in our family but for people that do not know him there is still plenty of posts for stuff not related to my family. I would say it is 75% movie's/sports/TV reviews 25% family stuff.

If interested go to Gallagher Gazzette on Links page. It is a great site. Just remeber it is a family site (unlike this one) so keep the comments clean or they will be taken off.


The Gallaghers said...

Dude, you know, I can't really take credit for your blogging, dude. Dude, you were writing a column all along, dude, I just pointed you to the blog method, you know?? Anyway, Bob Kelly mode off: Thanks for the kind words, sir! Love your commentary and I may even watch AI this year because of it!

Michelle said...

Hey Unc, It is definitely worth to watch AI just for the blogging!!! I actually first read your post like what the F is my uncle talking about. I then had to re-read and it is perfect Bob Kelly! I am a little slow, hence the whole Mallory era!!!

The Gallaghers said...

Michelle (or should I say Mallory):
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pull off a Bob Kelly rant when no one can hear the voice? Glad it (almost) worked! I figured nobody but Steve would get the bit and to others I would just look like the babbling idiot I am!