Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow what an eye opening Tribal council. Billy just shocks the world, and Jeff the look he gave was priceless.

I had to keep rewinding to that cringe humor moment when Candice said "we love you" and Billy just looked over like a puppy dog just brought home by Jennifer Anniston and he said "I love you too."

It reminded me of my paperroute days when I had the hot girl in school on my route. Collection day she said I love Newsday, I said I love you too. She laughed uncontrollably said not you, newsday and went back in the house. Talk about a night where I needed a full jar of peanut butter (comfort food Keith, comfort food not what your sick mind is thinking.

Tribe happenings.

Latin lovers:

Decide to the throw a mission to get rid of Billy. As a Monday AM quaterback I must agree with the move, he would have won zero physical challenges and now they do not have to sit anyone for all the challenges.


I thought they were Chinese not Indian. By the fifth week they will all look like that own a 7-11 but they will not have headaches. I guess stereotypes are there for a reason. THEY ARE TRUE. Chinese=smart at brainteasers. That guy was making A's out of the mast casting a shadow on the island that did not show as he walked east while tapping his head and rubbing his belly and then surprise he found the idol.
Keith you are looking good this year my friend.


How great will it be when they see they were so excited to come in 3rd knowing the Latins were doing the obstacle course like Corky learning to drive (let's just say the 5 hour course took him 24 hours). Then they make the great move of sending a Chinese person to get the idol. Great job Canadians!!!!!

White People:

F'ng pretty boy stirring the pot. Lets see let's sleep on the sand all night and when it rains get drenched or take a couple hours to make a raised floor to stay dry? I guess hooking up with the ladies makes him lose brain cells. He is now my least favorite player this season.


Michelle said...

Another great blog. I felt bad for Billy until the whole Candace, what a whacko!!! I cannot wait for the reunion!!!! Which pretty boy are you talking about?

Scuba Steve said...

Considering there is only 2 guys on the White team and one looks like Tom Sizemore after a 3 week bender, I would think you could figure it out. I am not good with the names yet.

Checked cbs.com his name is Adam

Michelle said...

OH that is what i thought, I have Adam in the pool!!! Don't hate the player, hate the game.