Friday, October 19, 2007

Well a couple weeks in and survivor alliances starting to form and same old stuff starting to happen.

James is the powerhouse we all thought he would be but he is just to powerful. He looks like he is going home next as the High School girls are going to try and throw another challenge.

Hey Eric grown some balls (or at least use them for once!!!) and vote out one of the girls this week and you are in the final 3 with James and Aaron. Instead he looks like a fool and gets Aaron out.

Hey Jeff shut up. Tribal counsal again he throws out that Jaime "looked" like she did not even try and guess what she caves and says yes we threw it. Man PG and Jaime are the worst, I repeat the worst actors in the world. I mean just throw the challenge do not throw the piece back in the water, holy shit are you kidding me.

I must say I can not wait for the spin off on VH-1 I love Denise. The reality show where James attempts to date a bunch of red neck, large and in charge white women to fall in love with.

I can see the vote off ceremony now: James: Will you take my shovel and dig with me to eternity. Denise look alikes: Well god damn yes I will and give me an f'ng coors already.

Check below to see team status.

Man I thought James was going to have 2 more graves to dig,

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